COVID-19 Safety Measures

In response to recent government announcements, we can advise that EPIT will remain fully operational, continuing to deliver our range of critical safety courses to the energy & construction sectors.

Our primary focus is the safety of our delegates and staff, and we will follow the robust measures we implemented in 2020 to help prevent further spread of COVID-19 in 2021, while maintaining the highest standards of training for our customers.

The safety measures at our facility, in accordance with government recommendations, include:

Access to and from our facility

– A queuing system has been implemented outside our centre.

– Course start times are to be staggered to minimise large gatherings in the mornings.

– A sanitiser station has been installed at the entrance.

Registration process

– One person is to be processed at a time in reception.

– Temperature check upon arrival.

– A screen has been erected to minimise potential exposure between delegate and receptionist.

– Delegates and staff to be issued with face coverings upon arrival to minimise potential exposure.

– PPE will be provided and worn as required by both staff and delegates.

Moving around EPIT

– Face coverings should be worn in corridors, stairwells and communal areas (including toilets).

– An increased cleaning regime throughout the building has been implemented.

Canteen area

– Face coverings are required when entering, exiting and moving around the canteen area.

– Sanitiser stations have been installed.

– Lunch and break times are staggered to minimise traffic in the canteen at any one time.

– An increased cleaning regime has been implemented.

If you have any queries, please contact us via email at or call 01224 798635.

Delegate Feedback

Our delegates have been very impressed with our social distancing and safety measures.

This is what they had to say:

  • I attended EPIT in Blackburn to participate in a training course. I was very impressed with the safety measures in place to combat the spread of COVID-19. On arrival both days your temperature is checked at the reception desk by a person using appropriate PPE. You are at this point given direction on how you should move around the building.

    The main social area of the building is arranged to maintain social distancing and each individual is given a designated table to use during breaks. The classrooms are also arranged to maintain social distancing. Further instruction is given prior to the start of the course on what the expectations are regarding social distancing and very simple guidelines to follow when onsite. Staff wear face coverings out with the class at all times.
    I did have some concerns considering Aberdeen was in lockdown before I attended the course however any concerns were removed by the staff and the safety measures put in place. I don’t think the staff at EPIT could do anymore to improve the current measures they have in place.

    I would also like to add the course attendees were vigilant and adhered to the social distancing requirements when onsite.
    – Andy Grandison – Itacha
  • I would say that the set-up at EPIT re COVID-19 measures was actually very, very good. It was done in a sensible, clear & consistent manner without being over the top in any way. Staggered break times, pre-ordered & delivered lunches, smaller course groups, allocated areas for each person etc. - these are all very sensible & good ways to do it.

    But then, that's the way all you guys do everything up there - in the nicest & most professional way. It was definitely a very pleasant zone to be in, I had a great week up there & really enjoyed it.

    Thanks very much to everyone at EPIT it was a very high quality experience indeed.
    – Delegate
  • I thought the facilities were set out excellently and I was very impressed at the measures EPIT have went to ensure the safety of everyone in the building. That was my third time using EPIT and every time the lecturers have been great.
    – Delegate
  • I was very impressed with the precautions taken by EPIT with regards COVID-19. The instructors were very fastidious about social distancing and other covid controls. The socially distanced break/lunch worked very well too. very impressed.
    – Delegate
  • The social distancing measures that have been put in place with regard to coronavirus are excellent. The reception has a separation screen. On arrival they took my temperature and issued a face mask. There was hand sanitiser stations throughout the building. The floor had been marked with tape regarding separation. In the meeting area and classrooms the tables had been separated and it was only one person per table. Clearly EPIT have done everything possible for the safety of staff and trainees.
    – Delegate
  • I should have mentioned in my feedback yesterday how patient and professional the staff at EPIT were with regard to social distancing. There were numerous hand sanitizers around and we were encouraged and reminded to make use of them. Class size numbers had also been limited.

    It was obvious time had been taken to perform a risk assessment and the relevant controls identified and put in place to limit the risks of COVID-19 transmission.

    EPIT management and staff should be commended for the actions they have taken to get training started again.
    – Delegate
  • I think that EPIT has clearly put a lot of thought into the Social Distancing rules and have clearly taken it seriously. The only time I ever came within 2 meters of anyone was when I got my temperature taken and even then both parties were wearing masks and the temperature taker was also wearing a visor. Each person being allocated a table at break was an intelligent move, and asking them to wipe down the tables was clever too.

    The only time you could share facilities was whilst using the toilets and asking users to sanitise their hands before and after entering the facilities was also a clever move.

    I have nothing but praise for the Social Distancing measures you implemented making it as safe as possible.

    May I also add that the quality of the sandwiches at lunchtime was excellent.
    – Delegate
  • I have already spoken with Michal this morning, and the feedback I received from him was that he was very impressed with the safety measures implemented in line with recommendations for Coronavirus.

    Obviously its always a bit of a worry for employees during the COVID-19 pandemic to attend a training course, however he was immediately put at ease.

    He stated how impressed he was with the set up and how much thought and consideration had gone into the safety measures. From the taking of temperatures and the lay out was set up for social distancing.

    He was also very impressed and made very positive comments about the staff who delivered the training. Even down to the food, was a positive. So all good from us!
    – Delegate
  • The safety measures implemented for the course were well laid out and explained making it an environment that felt safe to work/study in.
    – Delegate
  • The social distancing measures in place at the facility were suitable and did not affect our training in anyway. I would feel comfortable visiting again under the current circumstances.
    – Delegate
  • I found the safety measures that you had in place, more than adequate, and the training staff observed social distancing measures extremely well.

    It was overall a good training experience and I did not feel unsafe at any time.
    – Delegate
  • Course well presented. Instructors gave clear and concise information and explained everything at a level which was easy to understand.

    Social measures were adhered to and hygiene standards very high.
    – Delegate
  • Everything was done really well. I was impressed that you were taking people's temperatures before letting them participate in the course. The distancing measures that were in place were also really good.

    Thanks for looking after us on the course.
    – Delegate
  • I think the measures EPIT have taken are more than adequate for the current Covid-19 restrictions, considering there were only 4 of us on the course there weren't any issues at all.
    – Delegate
  • I was very impressed with the method in which the CompEx refresher course was provided to achieve the course objectives, while also managing to adhere to the Covid-19 guidance on social distancing measures, hygiene standards etc.

    There were ample sanitiser stations throughout the building, face masks provided and all floors marked out in order to maintain the 2m social distancing requirements.

    I attended the CompEx refresher course at EPIT, Blackburn 5 years ago and feel that the restrictions in place this week did not affect the quality of training given than from my previous time at EPIT.

    I would highly recommend EPIT to all colleagues and friends as all staff there provide a very friendly and professional environment.
    – Delegate
  • CompEx Refresher well presented. Friendly staff, and well planned and executed social distancing measures. Definitely a training centre I would recommend and use again.
    – Delegate


We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that EPIT has a suite of E-Learning courses, so there is an option to continue your learning and development remotely. For more information and to register, please visit:

In order to assist companies in maintaining the required levels of competence for their personnel during these unprecedented times, EPIT can also develop and deliver online training to meet company and industry standards.

CompEx Extension

If you are not able to attend one of our CompEx refresher courses prior to the expiry date of your certificate, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is possible to apply for an extension. All the current information about how to apply can be found via this link: CompEx response to the Covid-19 outbreak.