Associated Companies

Falck Safety Services

EPIT and Falck Safety Services are delighted to have formed a strategic alliance.

This new partnership will enable EPIT to deliver their wide range of highly specialised training programmes at Falck’s international locations. In this partnership, EPIT and Falck will jointly develop, market and deliver hazardous area explosion protection training to oil and gas related industries internationally, utlising EPIT’s technical knowhow and consultancy experience as well as Falck’s extensive high quality training capabilities and presence outside the UK.

“With Falck’s 37 training facilities in 21 countries the alliance will allow us to offer an unrivalled client focussed service and give us access for our highly technical consultancy and training services in international markets”, says EPIT founder and CEO Jim Craig.

“This Partnership will enable us to provide our customers with the highest standards of quality, service and reliability in electrical explosion protection whilst nurturing a world-class QHSE culture,” says Falck Safety Services CEO Peter Svarrer.

About Falck Safety Services:

Falck Safety Services is a global leader in Health, Safety and Survival training. Falck Safety services is part of the more than 100 year old Falck Group of companies, operating in 45 countries whose overall objective is to provide services aimed at preventing accidents and disease; providing assistance in situations of emergency, accidents or need.

Falck Safety Services, Trinidad & Tobago were recently presented with their first batch of EPIT's 'The Yellow Book' - which includes useful guidance notes on installation, inspection and maintenance of electrical & instrumentation equipment in potentially hazardous areas. The book will be given out to course delegates. Click here for further information on our Yellow Book which can be purchased by contacting us directly.


KAZEX LLCKAZEX was formed as a partner for EPIT to carry out training in the Caspian Region.

Based in Aksai, Kazakhstan, KAZEX offers a range of Ex Competency training courses for electrical and instrumentation technicians.

We have carried out Ex training over many years and deliver customised courses specifically designed by KPO.

These courses involve Ex Competency, Cable Glanding and Trace Heating.

We have also designed and built a well stocked practical centre in Aksai and intend to expand our activities.

For further details of our courses contact:

Menslu Aubakirova at: or Martin Constable on

RAY Intl Skills Development LLC

Rayoman and EPIT have had a successful association for a number of years.

Together we have trained technicians working in the petro-chemical and oil and gas industries of Oman in understanding safe working procedures and practices in gas hazardous areas.

The training has been carried out in various locations with the introduction of a mobile practical Ex facility.

We also now have a dedicated Compex facility in Muscat which will enable us to offer an even wider variety of courses.

Further details can be obtained by contacting: or


EPIT expands global reach by joining forces with ELENTROS

EPIT and ELENTROS are delighted to have formed a strategic partnership to deliver a portfolio of training and consultancy services in Southeast Asia.

Based in Singapore, ELENTROS Pte Ltd. was formed by industry specialists to be a Centre of Excellence in Electrical Hazardous Area Compliance, Assessment and Training.

EPIT and ELENTROS will jointly develop, market and deliver technical training and consultancy to oil and gas related industries in Singapore and other locations in Asia.

Further details can be obtained by contacting EPIT on +44 (0) 1224 798635 or email