UKCA Mark (Brexit Transition Period)

What is UKCA Marking?

As the UK have left the EU and are now in the transition period, UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking will become a requirement in the very near future. This new UKCA mark will be mandatory for goods being placed into the market in Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland), and will cover the vast majority of goods which previously required CE Marking.

In Northern Ireland, goods labelled solely with the UKCA mark cannot be placed on the market, and will still require either the CE Mark or UK(NI) Mark.

When does the UKCA Mark come into effect?

With the Brexit transition period coming to an end, from the 1st January 2021 the UKCA Marking can be used in Great Britain, although, to support businesses in adjusting to the new regulations, the CE Mark can still be used on goods until 1st January 2022, in the majority of cases.

Although this is the case for many goods, some require UKCA Marking immediately from 1st January 2021, and it is recommended businesses prepare accordingly.

However, it must be noted that when selling goods to EU markets from 1st January 2021, the UKCA Mark will not be accepted, and CE marking will remain mandatory.

Do I have to UKCA mark my product from 1st January 2021 onwards?

If the product you are selling on the market meets all of the following criteria, you must use the UKCA Mark from 1st January 2021 onwards:

  • The product is for the market in Great Britain
  • The product is covered by legislation stating that UKCA Marking is a requirement
  • Product requires mandatory third-party conformity assessment
  • Conformity assessment has been carried out by a UK conformity assessment body and you haven’t transferred your conformity assessment files from your UK body to an EU recognised body before 1 January 2021

  • However, there is an exception to this which applies to existing stock. If, for example, your product or goods have been fully manufactured and ready to place on the market before 1 January 2021, they can still be sold within Great Britain with a CE mark, even if covered by a certificate of conformity issued by a UK body.

    We continue to work closely alongside Notified Body’s and Test Laboratories, supporting compliance testing and regulatory requirements.

    Therefore, if you are searching for detailed information on the subject of UKCA marking or require support in implementing the new legislation, please contact us and find out how we can assist your transition. Additionally we have extensive experience dealing with CE Marking and we will continue our support for the on-going requirements of the EU markets, through our consultancy services.

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