UKCA Update

We previously published blog articles regarding the planned change in conformity marking, where CE (Conformité Européenne) would no longer be accepted after 31st December 2024 as it was due to be replaced with UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed).  The UKCA marking scheme was originally introduced by the UK Government to ensure that products placed on the UK market adhered to health, safety and environmental standards post-Brexit.

However, there has been a surprising change in proceedings as the Government has announced an important update:

“The government intends to extend recognition of the CE marking for placing most goods on the market in Great Britain, indefinitely, beyond December 2024.”


The UK government has made the strategic choice to revoke the deadline for the mandatory switch to UKCA marking and will continue to recognise CE marking in order to streamline trade, increase global competitiveness, and support regulatory alignment:

“This comes as part of a wider package of smarter regulations designed to ease business burdens and help grow the economy by cutting barriers and red tape. Following extensive engagement with industry, British firms will be able to continue the use of CE marking alongside UKCA.”


Products with either UKCA or CE markings will be permitted in the UK going forward, which will minimise disruption for businesses who have already taken steps to implement UKCA.

If you require any support to ensure you are in compliance with the current legislation, please contact us and find out how we can assist your requirements.

EPIT Group has extensive experience offering consultancy services working with customers to develop product compliance from concept to market. The services we deliver include CE Marking, UKCA Marking, DSEAR Surveys, Hazardous Area Classification, Product Assessment and assisting companies in achieving QAN / QAR certification.

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