Training through bespoke E-Learning Solutions

The Client's Request

A large Oil & Gas client approached us for support in developing and delivering a technically advanced electrical training solution for a cohort of instrumentation personnel with a view to improving their knowledge, understanding and competency while working in hazardous areas.

One of the major areas for concern was the pre-requisite content the personnel had access to and whether it was specific, relevant and accurate enough for the courses they would be undertaking.

Previously, the solution was to bring all the necessary personnel together at a physical location to undertake face-to-face introductions into the subject areas they would be taking courses in, which proved a high cost / high logistical challenge.

DSEAR Services for the Distillation Industry

The Challenge

The major project challenges involved creating a training delivery method capable of bringing engaging, testing and informative content to the client’s personnel. Additionally, these personnel were located all over the world. This created a situation both the client and our team wanted to overcome – which was to bring the training to them and not bring them to us.

The intention of the course was to improve understanding and competency in hazardous areas, therefore it was clear the content would require a rigorous and carefully thought through structure, to ensure key directives, such as the ATEX and IEC standards, were covered at an appropriate level.

Finally, many courses are traditionally theory based and the client expressed a desire for a more interactive approach.

The Solution

We decided the best way to deliver this solution was through our bespoke Learning Management System (LMS), which ensured we could provide valuable content via our E-Learning service.

The main advantage of this method was that we could provide access for personnel anywhere in the world, at any time, with individual and secure login details. This eliminated the need for personnel to travel as they can support their learning and development needs from the comfort of their home or workplace.

The course was developed in line with the client's specific requirements alongside providing an overall awareness for individuals’ understanding of properties & the selection of equipment within hazardous areas. The interactive course ensured ongoing assessment was achievable while delivering high quality, up-to-date and challenging theoretical content. Assessment was conducted throughout via multiple test mechanisms with results recorded for reference by both the individual and employer.

Since project completion we have continued to develop a number of E-Learning courses for our clients with bespoke training needs for their workforce.

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